Navigator: What’s in a Roommate?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that finding housing in the Bay Area is a nightmare—and the same goes for finding a roommate.

Renters are likely to encounter Facebook or Craigslist posts for group homes that are a little unhinged. Some advertise “limited kitchen privileges” or try to weed out the bossier Zodiac signs—“Capricorns need not apply” is rude, but

What we’re writing

Another casualty of mass shootings: our sense of public space. ¤ Green space is good for you, but trees are best! ¤ Green cities, ranked. ¤ Germany’s Green Party wants to cancel air travel. ¤ Jakarta, Indonesia gets overdue sidewalks. ¤ It’s time to learn your zoning ABCs. ¤ Rolling on the river… of trash juice, in Casablanca. ¤ Don’t trust online ratings of holy sites.

What we’re taking in

When hate came to El Paso. (New York Times) ¤ Native American women are going missing. (Pacific Standard) ¤ What we talk about when we talk about San Francisco’s urban change. (San Francisco Chronicle) ¤ Toni Morrison’s writing was “the kind of writing that makes you rewind because, god, what you just read was that titanic, that perception-altering, that true, a spice on the tongue.” (New York Times) ¤ Big Little Lies has Big Kitchen Island energy. (Curbed) ¤ Escape rooms are in now, because of course we want to escape!!! (Vox) ¤ L.A. has its own Lorax, now, to speak for the trees. (L.A. Times) ¤ “We die. That may be the meaning of life. But we do language. That may be the measure of our lives.” (Toni Morrison)

View from the ground

@photovisionproject19 spotted these beautiful balconies in Lisbon. @bobstorch highlighted San Francisco’s colorful homes. @blossomingbrick captured Washington, D.C.’s brick rowhouses. @birdonaledge strolled through the Bedford–Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Showcase your photos with the hashtag #citylabontheground and we’ll feature it on CityLab’s Instagram page or pull them together for the next edition of Navigator.

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