Commercial Real Estate Needs Sustainability Performance Reporting

There are 87 billion square feet of commercial real estate in the United States. These buildings’ owners fall into two categories: those whose primary business is owning real estate for profit from asset appreciation or rental income, and everyone else. Of all this square footage, some 60 percent is in possession of those who control real estate on a large scale, typically with assets worth hundreds of millions of dollars. It is this group that is most exposed to regulatory and market forces and that also has the wherewithal to do something about it. This is where it gets interesting.

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The 2018 Community Power State Scorecard

Each year, the Institute for Local Self-Reliance provides a score for each state’s energy policies based on how they help or hinder local clean energy action. In 2018, 21 states had a failing grade, 17 were mediocre, 11 had a passing grade, and just 2 excelled at enabling residents to act individually and collectively to take charge of their energy future.… Read More

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Elections – The Public Good Index

Percent of population making under $50,000 in 2014: 48 percent.

Percent of those voting making under $50,000: 36 percent.

Percent of population making over $100,000: 22 percent.

Percent of those voting making over $100,000: 30 percent.… Read More

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Work – The Public Good Index

Number of U.S. states that mandate paid maternity leave: 4.

Number of countries that do: 185.

Maximum number of weeks of paid maternity leave in U.S. states: 16.

Number of countries that provide more than 16 weeks of paid maternity leave: 105.… Read More

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